The food manufacturing industry uses tonnes of protective equipment each year.

From hair nets, to overshoes and everything in between: these items are essential to safeguarding employees and ensuring the quality and safety of the food produced. However, as essential as they may be, they are just as detrimental to the environment. Their complex composition makes them incredibly hard to recycle through local councils and they usually end up in landfills or incinerated. 

The good news is you can recycle them with Zero Waste Box!

Developed by award-winning waste experts at TerraCycle®, Zero Waste Box offers a variety of all-in-one recycling solutions specially designed with your industry in mind. We understand that ensuring the quality of your produce and the safety of your employees is of tantamount importance and by recycling your protective gear with us you can keep doing just that, but you’ll also be safeguarding the environment! 

How It Works

Zero Waste Box is extremely easy to use: all you have to do is set it up in a convenient location and encourage your team to fill it with their used hair nets, earplugs, disposable gloves, and/or safety equipment. Once full, seal your Zero Waste Box and return it to TerraCycle® using the prepaid UPS® shipping label affixed to the back of the box. And to make it even more hassle free, UPS® will pick up your Zero Waste Box directly from your manufacturing site or lab! 

Case Study

Read our short report to find out what food manufacturers like you have to say about their experience with Zero Waste Box, to get a more in-depth understanding of how it works and to discover what it can bring to your business!


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