How the Zero Waste Box™ System Works

What is a Zero Waste Box™?

A Zero Waste Box is a complete and convenient solution which includes the storage, shipping and recycling of a particular type of waste that isn’t currently recycled through local councils or traditional recycling facilities.

We can recycle almost anything, from coffee capsules, snack wrappers, VHS tapes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Zero Waste Box is an all-inclusive solution developed by award-winning waste experts at TerraCycle®. The recycling boxes are easy to set up and use, making it the perfect option for households, schools, businesses, manufacturing and events facilities looking to increase their sustainable practices.

Zero Waste Box Recycling Solution for rubbish not accepted by local councils
how the zero waste box system works

How it works

Order: Select the Zero Waste Box based on what you would like to recycle.

Fill: Fill your box with the accepted waste.

Ship: Using the pre-paid UPS shipping label affixed to the back of your box, arrange for your waste to be collected for recycling. All shipments are carbon-neutral, meaning the carbon emissions released during transport will be offset.

Reorder: Continue to recycle everything and reorder a new Zero Waste Box.

What can go inside a Zero Waste Box™?

If an item can’t be recycled via your local council and as long as the material is not hazardous (e.g. medical waste), there will most likely be a Zero Waste Box for you!

For example, plastic packaging that is flexible (e.g. salad bags or crisp packets) or rigid (e.g. plastic containers) is typically more complex and difficult to recycle via kerbside, so this is something Zero Waste Box™ can take care of.

Please be sure to refer back to the relevant recycling box webpage to check the list of accepted items, or contact us if you’re unsure. 

But my packaging says 'not recyclable'?

To explain, if an item can’t go in your kerbside recycling bin, this doesn’t mean it isn’t technically recyclable - it’s just not currently accepted by local councils. The main reason for this is they typically only accept waste that is economically viable for them to recycle. For example, paper is easy to process and reuse. More complex materials require more expertise, time and resources.

Read more about the recycling process in our blog post, Recycling 101 with Zero Waste Box™

Not sure which Zero Waste Box is right for you?

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