Fabrics and Clothing - Zero Waste Box™


Use this Zero Waste Box to recycle your discarded bibs, baby clothes, blankets, breast pads, changing pads, diaper bags, pillows, bed sheets, linens, play mats, play rugs, privacy wraps, baby slings, mattress protectors, jean skirts, jean shorts, jean shirts, jean jackets, denim bags, denim scrunchies and denim hats, canvas bags, mail bags, canvas tents, rompers, shirts, sweaters, tee shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, socks, under garments, active wear, sleepwear, waterproof clothing, hoodies, jackets, headbands, cotton swabs, cotton balls, towels, non-plastic bath mats, bedding, window treatments, draperies, outdoor fabric from patio furniture and awnings, indoor furniture coverings and traps, outdoor fabric mats and turfing or other similar fabrics. 

We can only accept and recycle textiles made of either 100% natural fibres or 100% synthetic fibres. 

    Do not send in:

    • Electric heating blankets
    • Leather or delicate fabric (made out of polyester, nylon, silk, rayon, cashmere)
    • Hazardous waste (sharp, flammable, reactive, corrosive, ignitable, toxic, infectious or pathogenic) which presents a danger to the environment, or to people
    • Batteries
    • Pressurised canisters
    • Broken glass
    • Medical waste 


    For more information on how the Zero Waste Box system works, please click here.