uBin® - Zero Waste Supplies


This bin is made of 100% post consumer plastic and has been manufactured in the UK from UK recycled material for minimal carbon footprint. 

It has a capacity of 70l (dimensions 33x81x50cm, wall thickness 2.5mm) - an ideal size for most office and workplace applications. 

It comes with grey lid and set of stickers - all made from PP for optimum recyclability.

The deep overhanging lid neatly hides ugly liners from view.

Sloping lid improves visibility and prevents objects being left on the lid.

The stickers have UK standard colour coding & graphics, ensuring the colour coding of your recycling scheme is compliant & compatible with everyone else's.

 A recessed airhole reduces suction when removing the liner.

TerraCycle's recycled plastic material has been used to make these bins.